Advisors Can Give Clients More Control Over Their Money

New Annuity Feature from Nationwide

In these challenging economic times, advisors are looking for ways to help clients plan for long-term goals such as retirement, while also giving them the flexibility to deal with unexpected financial needs that may arise. To help advisors balance these two goals, Nationwide Financial Services, Inc. is introducing a new liquidity feature that is now available with its fixed immediate annuity INCOME Promise([R]). In addition to helping clients create guaranteed retirement income, the new feature also gives them the option to take lump-sum withdrawals if they need cash for an emergency.

"Today's advisors are not only looking to help clients generate a guaranteed stream of income in retirement, but are also searching for ways to give them more control over their retirement assets," said Eric Henderson, senior vice president of Individual Investments for Nationwide Financial. "Our new liquidity feature can help advisors solve both of these problems and provide clients with the flexibility they're looking for in today's economic environment."

Nationwide's INCOME Promise offers advisors a simpler income solution that can be customized to create a guaranteed income stream based on the individual needs of their clients. Some key benefits include:

 Liquidity - this new feature offers consumers the confidence to annuitize assets with the understanding that they have the ability to take lump-sum withdrawals in the event of a financial need; this feature is available with any term-certain or installment refund payment option. There is a fee associated with each withdrawal.