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 Brenda E. Shields


Corporations, whether for-profit or nonprofit, require a governing Board of Directors. It is important to any business entity that the board of directors is qualified, dedicated, and well-informed of the needs of the company. Additionally, the board of directors for a non-profit business’ members must have the same vision as the founder. The board of directors is a key component to any corporation or 501(c)3. Not having a dedicated and competent board could damage the company many times beyond repair. Be aware and cautious in choosing board members.

The board members are elected or appointed as members who jointly oversee the activities of a company or organization. The board's key purpose is to ensure the company's prosperity by collectively directing the company's affairs while meeting the appropriate interests of its shareholders and stakeholders. When choosing board members, you to ensure that they have the same vision as you for the company and some expertise and dedication. It is suggested that some members of your board have legal, financial, marketing, operations, and other business expertise. The objectives of the company are defined in the Articles of Incorporation or By-Laws. These will dictate how the board is formed, the number of members, how long each member serves, the election of officers and other qualifications required of the board. Be sure to define each board member’s roll, responsibilities, and length of service in your by-laws and articles of incorporation.



When planning the financing for a business the business owner should understand or know the basic types of loans.  There are two basic types of loans, Short Term and Long Term.  There are many types of loans and financial instruments on the market today.  However they are simply variations of the two basic types of loans.

Once you determine the purpose and the amount of funds you will need, you will need to make a decision on which is best suited for your specific circumstances. Short Term Loans - must be repaid within a year, and are typically used to finance such things as a build-up of inventory or accounts receivable.   Long Term Loans – are for one year or longer.  They are typically used to finance permanent assets such as a core level of inventory, accounts receivable, the expansion of a business, machinery, equipment, or construction of a new building.

Whenever pursuing any type of loan be sure to understand the required loan repayment agreement, the interest rate, and the type of loan. In addition, be sure to research the company or bank with which you are applying for the loan. Always know with whom you are dealing.

Business Resources

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 You may have some doubts about the benefits of personal relationships, but there are many ways that close, genuine contact with people can help make your career or business a success. When you’re trying to get ahead in business and in life, you’ll have to offer your help to others, but you’ll get plenty of rewards from your relationships too.

  Brenda Shields CEO

At BES, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for the unique needs of the small business owner.

New Business Development & Non-Profit Planning: There are three standard packages; other packages can be customized to fit your needs. Each package contains 30 to 90 hours of consulting; 3 to 12 months of mentoring: research and provision of forms to start business; outline for business plan, operation manual; and office organization.

Administrative Services: Our staff will assist you in setting up and organizing your office. This includes setting up your files, typing, data transfer, and/or typing business plan, proposals grants and/or reports; plus many more administrative services to assist with your daily operations.

Event Services: We will plan, organize and implement events for your organization or business. Throughout the year we provide conferences, networking events and business expos. These events provide updates on current business topics, workshops, opportunities to meet colleagues and introduce your business. Join us throughout the year for all of these events.

Desktop Publishing and Graphic Design Services: Our staff will design corporate identification -packages (business cards, letterhead and brochures), banners, forms, banners, posters, flyers, PowerPoints, post cards and basic web design. In addition facilitate the printing if you desire.

Educational Services: Throughout the year we provide several workshops to educate the Entrepreneurs, business owners and clients of non-profit organizations. Our core workshops are: Business Development, Administration, Customer Service, Starting and Operating a Non-Profit, and Financial Literacy, just to name a few. We believe knowledge is power. Watch for upcoming workshops throughout the year. (Coming Soon the Business Career Institute)

Marketing, Promotions and Mailings: Allow us to not only create your flyers and poster; but assist you with advertising venues, mailings (including postage), gifts for your clients, and promotional items. Word of mouth is an excellent tool to promote your business; however you want to expand your territory and grow your business. Allow us to assist you in growing your clientele.

Advertising – We will build a Basic Web Design (call for pricing): In addition we will advertise your business on BES’s TV show, website and Facebook page. Fee’s ranges by size and length of time of the advertising.


Brenda Shields

Founder and Managing Principal of BES Business Services

 Brenda Shields is the founder of BES Business Services.  She is a Career and Professional Coach and founder of The Job Readiness, Entrepreneur Mentoring Institute (under Inner thoughts Inc.). She has over 30 Years’ experience in Training, Teaching, Management and Administration. Brenda was a Professor, at University of the District of Columbia Community College as well as a licensed substitute teacher for the District of Columbia School System. She was a member of the TESST College Curriculum Advisory Committee. She has received numerous awards and has a B.S. Degree and a Master’s in Education. She was elected as an Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner (ANC) and is a board member for Destination Congress Heights (Main Street).

Brenda developed and designed Entrepreneur Training Program and Curriculum.  Additionally, she consulted, developed plans & operation assessments for small businesses & entrepreneurs as well as assisted with operation and opening of over 30 businesses. She has also developed life skills, business development, and administrative curriculum. She currently is the host of “Business Resources” and co-host of The Business Round Table” internet shows on AMSNEWS.TV.

Brenda believes business should give back.  Not only does she support several non-profit organizations she serves as the Executive Director of the food pantry and outreach ministry at the Temple of Praise.



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