Credit Card Rates to 10%

23% on your credit cards

Are you tired of paying interest rates above 23% on your credit cards. I am. I am tired of being bullied by the Credit Card companies. You would think in a poor economy like we current are experiencing the Banks, department stores, the CC issuers would lower the rates to 10% or better.

The lower rate would allow card holders to pay down debt and may allow card holders to spend again. I always believed in the saying
"LESS IS MORE" as it pertains to Interest rates and Taxes.

The Credit Card companies, the banks and the retail industry doesn't get. The Congress doesn't get it on taxes.

It's time to put the money back into the peoples hands and out of the banks and big government hands.

They created the waste, the inefficiencies in the Banking and mortgage systems and we the people are paying the hefty price through our Credit Card Super High Interest Rates of 20% to 33%.

A "LoanShark" offers better rates!

The time is now. Stop using your cards, use cash, use paypal, but don't use your credit cards. My company doesn't accept credit cards and never will. We only accept Cash,business & personal checks and Paypal payments.

Pass the word and let me know you passed the word at:, spread the word on "SPOKE", LINKEDIN,
MERCHANTCIRCLE, and many more social sites, such as MYSPACE, FACEBOOK and so on.

If we stop using our Credit Cards, The cash will flow, and the economy will recover faster, The banks and the CC's will lose more money and may go out of business, unless they change their rip-off business model of gouging the public. (YOU!)

Spread the word. No High Credit Card Rates!