Marcus Brewster | Mr. Victory

“The Moment of Victory”

The purpose of “The Moment of Victory” is to provide people with information on how to win, in every aspect of life. Whether mentally, spiritually, financially, athletically, etc., we’re letting you know you can (and will) win. Because if its #VictoryOrNothing, is it really that hard to choose?


Marcus Brewster | Video


Before Marcus Brewster ever stepped in front of a camera/microphone, he took classes at George Mason University, where he received his Bachelor’s in Communication, with a concentration on Media Criticism. Add that with his MC/Hosting Services business, “Marcus of Ceremony, and you quickly recognize that Marcus was destined to do this.

Marcus, who goes by the moniker of Mr. Victory or Nothing, because of the clothing brand “Victory Everywear” he created, where his slogan is “If its #VictoryOrNothing, is it really that hard to choose,” started as host of “Vessel Radio,” eventually transitioning to “Vessel TV,” a show geared toward giving local (DC, MD, and VA) gospel artist (rappers, singers, etc.) a platform to discuss their art. After the Vessel franchise, he moved on to Fleek Radio, this time, not focusing solely on gospel artist, but showcasing all DC, MD, and VA has to offer, as well as discussing the day’s hot topics.

Now, a member of the AMSNews team, Marcus plans on bringing the same energy and passion he possessed throughout his career, to his new show, “The Moment of Victory.” I mean after all, if the choice is VICTORY or Nothing, is it really that hard to choose?