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Success Filled Living – Shirley Thomas

“100 Fathers, Inc.”

Franklyn M. Malone, founder of 100 Fathers, Inc, is a national fatherhood and mentoring leader with a nationally recognized certification as a Master Fatherhood Trainer. 100 Fathers, Inc. is helping to create opportunities where all fathers make positive life choices as available, authentic, and affirming nurturing men.

Success Filled Living

Success Filled Living teaches success filled principles on having a happy, fantastic, and phenomenal life.


Shirley Thomas is the tv show hostess for the show, “Success Filled Living”.  Shirley started with television because God said “He wanted her to teach”, even though her childhood dream was to sing.  Teaching and sharing on television has turned out to be a great venue.  When she’s not working on the show, she is working with the mentally challenged and those with intellectual disabilities.  Shirley is a person that thinks constantly on being happy, successful, and enjoying life…enjoying every moment, even something as simple as scrambling an egg.